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What is your company's mission statement?

Lumin Auto Group's mission is to offer industry-proven, reliable vehicles at the lowest prices possible to all customers. Our selection of vehicles is priced thousands of dollars below Kelley Blue Book value. Low prices means that you don't have to haggle for the best deal. This simplifies the car-buying process, resulting in an experience that is pocket-friendly, easy, and quick.

Why do you not negotiate?

We believe in listing the lowest price upfront by pricing our vehicles thousands of dollars below suggested KBB value. This eliminates the need to negotiate and results in a simpler car-buying process. A simpler process also equals a lower cost for the dealership and therefore a lower price for you!

Why do you charge a dealer fee?

Like similar dealerships in Florida, we do charge a dealer fee. We charge one because we operate on very thin profit margins and the dealer fee helps recoup some of the costs associated with operating a dealership.

Have any of your vehicles been in previous accidents?

Yes, we do carry vehicles that may have been in a previous accident since our typical customer doesn't mind a past accident as long as it wasn't total-loss damage. The great news is, all of our vehicles come with a Carfax Buyback Guarantee; meaning that if a vehicle had severe damage that wasn't reported, Carfax will buy it back.* A complete Carfax report is available on our website for all of our vehicles.

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